July 22, 2017

Iranian Pistachio

Pistacia vera or more commonly known as pistachio is a small tree native to the Middle East and Western Asia. However, in 2014 just Iran and the United States were the major producers of pistachios, together accounting for 76% of the total world production. Iranian pistachio distinguishes itself from US pistachios by its taste and its quality.  We, as a local producer of Pistachio in Kerman province, Iran, supply our customers with different sorts of Iranian pistachios based on your enquiries and specifications. Some of our produces are:


Long type

Here we basically cover 3 different and most common versions of Long type pistachio in Iran:

  • The first category and the most exclusive Long type of Iranian pistachio is the Akbari type


    The main characteristic of Akbari pistachios is that they have almost the same size at both ends, their shell is white and very thin. They have also a very unique taste and texture. The Akbari pistachios normally come at the size of 20/22 to 26/28.

  • Another category in the Long type is Ahmad Aghaei.


    This type of pistachio is one of the farmer’s favourite, due to the fact that the Ahmad Aghaie trees are stronger and their harvesting time is earlier than the other types. Ahmad Aghaie pistachios are also very long and their shell is very white. However, as compared to Akbari type the lengths of Ahmad Aghaie pistachios is not always equal. Ahmad Aghaie pistachios are available in 20/22 to  30/32.


  • Badami is another type of long Iranian pistachios, and in terms of length it is shorter than Ahmadaghaei, and particularly its kernel is very similar to almond. Badami pistachios are available in the following sizes: 22-24, 24-26, 26-28, 28-30, and 30-32.


Round Type

In Persian, Round Pistachios are referred to as Fandoghi, which literally means “like hazelnut”. This is due the shape of this type of pistachio, which looks like hazelnuts.  Round pistachios have been known as one of the most famous and widespread types of Iranian pistachio. The outer color of the kernel is purplish  with creamy coloured shell. The taste is unique and has lower amount of Aflatoxin.


 Jumbo type

Jumbo type, also known as Kaleghouchi (Rams head), is famous for being bigger than other types. Jumbo pistachios are larger and longer compared to round pistachios. The taste of Jumbo type is unique because of its high fat volume.



Closed shell pistachio

This type of Iranian pistachios is naturally closed and has not opened yet. Through process of shelling closed shell pistachios become to natural kernels through a mechanically procedure. All type of pistachios has closed shell type too and the yield kernels are 48-50%.

Approximately 15,000 tons of closed shell pistachios export to different areas of the world from Iran. The main market for this type of pistachio is the far east including countries such as: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and etc.

Closed Shell Pistachio


  1. Regular Kernel:
  2. Green Peeled: There are about ten different kinds and sizes of pistachio kernels. These include JUMBO, ROUND, LONG types. Iran’s pistachio is one of the best pistachios in the world. The pistachio kernel contains many food staffs.

    these kernels are only made of unripe (green) pistachios,  and have several grades :

    grade S (super) : very dark green color

    grade A : dark green color

    grade B : light green color

    grade C : very light green color


In Shell U.S. Fancy,
U.S. No. 1,
U.S. No. 2,
U.S. No. 3 Large: 18/21 California (USA) Cartons 11.34 x 1040 Cartons
Standard 21/25 Cartons 10.00 x 900 Cartons
Medium: 26/30 Bags 5.00 x 1440 Cartons
Small: 31 + Bags
Small: 31 + Super Sacks 997.90 x 10 SuperSacks
Kernels Whole California (USA) Cartons 11.34 x 1040 Cartons